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It was not only the miners of Williams Creek who had Angels. Newman & Wright Theatre Co. has angels who, through financial and in-kind support, make our productions possible.

Investment needed for Production and Show development

As productions costs increase and we get more talented crew and more sophisticated sets we find that revenues are not meeting costs. To continue moving forward and meet expenses we are seeking outside support. We are looking for sponsors and supporters to help underwrite the costs of shows. Supporters will receive acknowledgement in our program and will be credited with being the sponsors of specific shows. Further recognition can be discussed.

The costs we have budgeted for shows do not include ongoing salary costs but simply the cost of getting the shows to a production point.

For more information on these projects please contact Richard Wright or Amy Newman. Contact information is below.

Angels are:

Richard Wright Jr., Executive Producer for Newman & Wright

Newman Family Productions of Salt Spring Island for the donation of costumes

Duncan Bell Estate for the donation of costumes and props

Anne and Steve Oliver for financial support

Sue Morhun for financial support


For more information on becoming an Angel or Supporter or contributing to the Theatre Royal Capital Upkeep Fund please contact the producer or our Front of House staff, Phone: 1–250–994-3225, or
contact Richard Wright wright at, 250-851-8540, or
Amy Newman at newman at

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