An Evening of British Music Hall :

“It was absolutely brilliant!”

Reviewer: Sue & Charles from Wolverhampton, England

“I never laughed so hard in my life!”

Reviewer: Thelma from Prince George, BC

Gold Rush Revue :

“We were all blown away by your show; it was fantastic.”

Reviewer: Glen (and family) from Abbotsford, BC

“It was worth my whole trip to Barkerville just to see this show!”

Reviewer: Mike from Delta, BC

"The hi-light was the afternoon Theatre Royal  musical presentation.  Corny acting in a wonderful kind of way, but the music was terrific and the singing was in a word “ superb”.  I know the six of us in our group certainly enjoyed the afternoon. "

Reviewer: Anonymous

“My six year old son, Kyle, was riveted from beginning to end. If you can keep a six year old entertained, you are definitely doing something right. And my wife and I loved the show, too!”

Reviewer: Joe (and family) from the Lower Mainland, BC

We particularly enjoyed the shows at the Barkerville Theatre Royal, named after the famous theatre in Drury Lane, London. This theatre was built in 1868 as entertainment for the miners and performances daily (1pm & 4pm with an additional show at 7.30pm Sat/Sun) tell the story of the Cariboo goldfields. We enjoyed the shows so much we went back the next day and there were different shows on. It was great live entertainment with old-fashioned sweets and drinks available, and the kids stayed to the end to have their photos taken with the actors on the stage.

Reviewer: London 88 from Trip Advisor

There are a couple of things that you cannot miss when you are in Barkerville: the courthouse sessions in Richfield and a live performance at the Theatre Royal. And what a fun day we had. The town has its own theatre group with its own Victorian Theatre Royal where such delights as The Gold Rush Revue,  and An Evening of British Music Hall are played. Telling and acting out stories of big gold finds, disappointments, love stories and murder tales, the joys and hardships of living on the frontier.

Reviewer: Maureen Middleton, Yorkshire, UK

“Just an all around good time! It’s great to be so entertained in Barkerville.”

Reviewer: Malcolm from Vancouver, BC

“It was absolutely fabulous! You are all so talented – what an amazing show.”

Reviewer: Minah from London, England

Having spent the day at Barkerville this past Wednesday, I felt it necessary to comment  on your great productions. Myself and my wife, along with our granddaughter Jessica, had enjoyed the walk along the street and many of the interesting sights, when we came across the Theatre Royal. Many years ago with Jessica’s mother and her two sisters we had visited the Theater and thoroughly enjoyed it. We decided to take in the 1 PM show before continuing our walk. It amazed me to see how Jessica was so intent watching the performance.  Later in the afternoon, we were sitting having lunch when I asked if we should go to the 4 PM show. Jessica immediately said yes. We enjoyed the show immensely and Jessica  was thrilled to have her picture taken with the cast. I will never forget the look on her face as she intently watched the shows. Thank you very much for your excellent presentations. Perhaps now we will have the opportunity of seeing Jessica in a production or two as she matures. Jessica mentioned that one of the ladies came and sat behind her towards the end of the show, and when she turned around she acknowledged her. Thank you for that. Again thanks, and keep up the good work.

Reviewer: Regards  Doug Stanley

We took in a production of [The Rough But Honest Miner] ... on our trip from northern Alberta through the Pine Pass to the Okanagan. We were most impressed with the quality of the show.  The players showed plenty of musical talent, versatility, energy and excellent timing with the varied routines. Keep up the good work.  We had not been there for 30 years and the standard of showmanship remains strong.  Our only regret was that we could not have stayed longer and seen more shows. Keep up the good work!!

Reviewer: Ernei and Gladys

The Unquiet Grave:

"We were here 35 years ago and it (the theatre) was nothing like this. What you guys are doing here is amazing. You have brought history to life."

Reviewer: Cathy & Will from Parksville

“The show was fabulous. The minute the leading lady (Amy Newman) opened her mouth and began to sing, I was hooked. I was in tears by the end.

Reviewer: Cheryl from Edmonton, Alberta

“That was an excellent show. I liked seeing the drama. I enjoy the singing and dancing, too (referring to Gold Rush Revue), but to see the gritty side of the gold rush was fascinating. People don’t like to think that life was like this, but it was…”

Reviewer: Rhonda from Alberta

“I am really interested in true crime stories, so I loved it. And the woman who played the lead character of ‘Jessie’ had me tearing up…”

Reviewer: Naomi from Vancouver, BC

“I loved this show; it was so moving. I saw it last week with my 17 year-old daughter, Taylor, who thought it was amazing. She said she had chills running up and down her spine as she watched the story unfold.”

Reviewer: Michelle from Prince George, BC


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